aromatherapy x self-care

Making self-care a daily priority. Because loving on ourselves is hard.

De-stressing Environments Through Aromatherapy

With the rise of mental health issues, it’s important to engage in activities that destress environments and promote self-care for mental wellness. Enter Scent&Self, a monthly subscription box and app that’s intentionally designed to help individuals develop self-care skills and healthy habits.

The Scent&Self™ App

Scent&Self is a bridge between technology and consumer based aromatherapy products. Our intentions with the app is to make it easily accessible to those looking for self-care help that will fit into their daily routines. The features in the app promotes emotional and spiritual wellness, bringing useful personal growth tools with themes like reducing stress or having a positive mindset. Stress-relieving organic aromatherapy products from Scent & Fire Candle Company can be used with guided meditations in the Scent&Self app.

The App Features:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Audio Discussions (Topics on Career, Family, Relationships, Self-Confidence, Stress, Anxiety, Depression)
  • Daily Push Notifications (Topics on Career, Family, Relationships, Self-Confidence, Stress, Anxiety, Depression)
  • Journaling
  • Mental Health Resources
  • The Lemonade Stand (eCommerce component with Self-Care and Motivational Books, Classes, and Merch)
  • Community (With peers using the app and/or subscription box)
  • Mood Music (For stress, anxiety, sleep, depression, relaxation, zoning out)

Aromatherapy for Mental Wellness 

The Scent & Fire Box is a premier unisex subscription box for mental health and wellness. Boxes include both practical strategies and self-care products from our aromatherapy brand, Scent & Fire Candle Company. Monthly self-help workbooks are filled with exercises for decreasing anxiety and stress and increasing positivity. Candles, teas, bath + body and other themed items will help you take those much needed mental breaks. These items can be paired with the guided meditations on the Scent&Self App.

The Box Benefits:

  • Makes a great gift for those who love loving on themselves
  • We are committed to doing our part by being friendly to people, animals, and the environment.
  • Our products are made from plant based and organic products. All of our boxes, jars, and bottles are made from recycled and environmentally sustainable materials.
  • We include real tactics and strategies for stress and anxiety relief, improving sleep, increasing self-confidence, enhancing positive thinking, etc.
  • Each month focuses on a new theme like increasing self-confidence, developing positive mindsets, improving sleep, and decreasing anxiety and stress.